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Affordable Excellence in Sauna Manufacturing. Our mission is to deliver high-quality saunas, promoting health and wellness for all.

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Top Quality Cedar

At WowSauna, we are the architects of serenity, dedicated to elevating the
wellness journey of residents across the U.S. and Canada. Our story is one of passion for craftsmanship, innovation, and the belief that relaxation should be an art form. As your premier destination for premium saunas, we take pride in curating a collection that transcends borders, offering unparalleled tranquility to homes on both sides of North America.

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The Core Of All Our Products. Each One Of Our Saunas Come With

Comfortable Headrest

Cushioned support for head and neck, enhancing comfort and relaxation during heat therapy.

Wood burner or Heater

Choose between a wood-burning or electric heater for your preference and convenience in sauna heating.

Comfortable Large Benches

Spacious, well-padded benches for the ultimate comfort and luxury in your sauna retreat.

Prefabricated wood pieces

Effortless sauna assembly with kit-style prefabricated wood pieces for a quick and convenient installation process.

Heat-retaining sauna stones

elevate your sauna experience with enhanced temperature control and soothing, consistent warmth.

Bucket & Ladle

Quality buckets and ladles for a traditional and refreshing sauna experience.


Where Canadian Wellness Meets Wow

Why WowSauna for Canadian Residents?

North American Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in saunas crafted with precision and care by artisans in the U.S. and Canada, ensuring quality and durability.

Tailored to North American Living: WowSauna offers a diverse range of sauna options, catering to various tastes and the unique living spaces found in homes across North America. 

Innovative Wellness: Our saunas feature the latest technology, including customizable temperature controls, LED lighting, and ergonomic seating for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Trusted Source: Join the WowSauna community of satisfied customers across the U.S. and Canada who have made us their trusted source for premium saunas. Embark on a transformative wellness journey with WowSauna, proudly serving the U.S. and Canada. Explore our collection and redefine relaxation with saunas designed for North America's comfort and style. Your haven of serenity is just a click away!

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The Ordering Process

Call Our Consultants

Please call or message us. We'll available 9AM to 9PM everyday. Also, You can visit our store.

Placing The Order

All orders are placed by filling out a contact form or via phone call

Paying The Deposit

To confirm the order, our clients are required to pay a 30% deposit

4-6 Week Lead Time

On average the wait time for delivery is 4-6 weeks from confirmed order date


We will contact you once your sauna is built, to confirm your delivery or pick up date.

Final Payment

Upon pick up or delivery the final balance is due. The final balance is the selling price minus deposit.

Follow Up

48-72 hours after delivery / pick up - our team will reach out to confirm your satisfaction and answer any questions you may have regarding assembly and/or use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Installation Included?

Installation is included with all our products ! However, a self installed DIY kit can be arranged.

How Is The Sauna Heated?

All our saunas come with an amazing Harvia 8KW Electric Heater. If you prefer a classic wood burning oven – that is available as well.

What Is The Operating Temperature?

With the electric heater option, the sauna can reach up to 90ºC. However, with the wood burning stove – the sauna can reach up to 120ºC.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Sauna?

Most orders can be fulfilled within one week ! We pride ourselves in having the QUICKEST lead time in all of Canada. That is our FACTORY DIRECT advantage.


Please leave us your message regarding our saunas. Our team is answering questions 24/7
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+1 (833) 322-3868
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